Web Technologies

In this modern digital era, with the growth of solely owned gadgets, it is pivotal to develop different enterprise applications that run on numerous devices and platforms (operating systems/browsers).


Developing Cross-Platform Solutions

The responsive web design approach is adequate for many use cases, where we develop web applications using a single code base and render the UI based on devices’ screen size. However, there are some use cases that needed applications to take the edge of platform-specific features, such as gesture, touch, and native look and feel. Pragmatisch is helping different enterprises in developing cross-platform solutions that optimize both the developer and the user experiences, and support the initiative to empower applications to support the modern devices of today using different Web Technologies.

Pragmatisch has offshore teams of full-stack developers skilled in the latest web technologies such as Angular, React, Node, PHP, and .NET ready to help you build, enhanced web applications in different domains with support for different devices and touchpoints using responsive web design concepts along with the integrations with different systems. We take every step of the Digital Transformation journey with you and play a partner’s role in the success of the program.

User Experience Design

Pragmatisch provides a digital experience that creates added value with a focus on the overall vision and user experience. We are experts in developing user interfaces for different systems and web applications.

Creating user and customer experiences designed to have client-focused engaging user interfaces and deliver tangible business results, Maantic helps brands navigate any and all facets of the digital landscape. Whether it is on a website or mobile application, our designs offer a unique digital experience.

Web Development

Pragmatisch has vast experience in developing websites in different Domains and landscape like:


Preparing For Your Success Trusted Source

10+ Years’ experience

10+ Years’ experience in providing Design Consulting, Technical Advisory, and Web Development Services.

Strong team

A strong team of core Web Technologies and UX/UI experts, supported by a specialized Quality Assurance team.

Quality Deliverables

Multi skilled team of experts to ensure the quality deliverables.

End-To-End Partner

Your end-to-end partner for the application development, support and enhancements.