Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey

We incorporated ourselves in 2016 aiming to provide 360 degree recruitment solutions varying across industries and sectors. Pragmatisch consultants provide help organization across sectors like IT, Automobile, Advertising and Media, Telecom, Technology etc with unique solutions to accelerate their digital transformation.

Our specialized and unique IT consulting services help clients evaluate different technology strategies and align their technology strategy with their overall business objectives. With our Manpower Optimizations solutions, resourcing and allocation, we help organisations move towards operational efficiency



To develop, deploy and run IT and Manpower solutions for our clients to accelerate their digital transformation thereby improving their business experience and bottom-line.


Our aim is to provide innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT and HR solutions. We strive to at least make a difference to over 1000 businesses across 20 different sectors and domains by leveraging digital transformation solutions.


Optimisation is the core of whatever we do! However, everything we do is driven by the envelope of Trust, Professionalism, Teamwork, Transparency and Resourceful


Our Value Proposition is centered around the following:

Our Services

IT Consulting

Our IT consulting services help clients evaluate different technology strategies so as to drive and align technology strategy with their business, process and people strategies.

This includes but is not limited to;

Human Resource Consultant

Our HR consulting services can relieve the stress of managing your people and finding the right team fit. It helps organization to go for Agile Team development, thereby reducing their auxiliary costs and improve bottom-line.

This includes but is not limited to;

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